Lawsuit likely over playground mulch filled with nails

After it was discovered that the recycled mulch used for the new playground at the Woodstock Early Learning Center contained 3,000 nails, the playground was shut down and the mulch was removed. Fortunately, there were no personal injuries to any of the 140 children who could have been hurt. The spokeswoman for the Center said that they specifically requested a mulch without nails and that they were never told that what they were getting could contain any nails. The owner of the company supplying the nail-filled mulch disputes this, but she also admits that she knew that the mulch could contain nails, that she knew that the mulch would be used for kids, and that she sold the mulch to the Center anyway. The Center is trying to get their money back for the mulch, and they would also like to be compensated for the money they spent on removal. However, the owner of the company that supplied the mulch is refusing to pay for a refund and the removal of 120 yards of mulch that contained the 3,000 nails.

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