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Lawsuit Filed After Illinois Train Conductor Dies on the Job

An Illinois wrongful death lawsuit was recently filed on behalf of a man who died while working for a railroad company in Norfolk Illinois, earlier this year. According to The Madison St. Clair Record, the decedent’s wife alleges that her husband was pinned between two railcars, causing him to suffer severe injuries and pain before a gruesome death.

At the time of the accident, the man was acting in the scope of his job while riding the side of a gondola car and training another conductor. The family of the deceased has filed suit against the railroad company, saying that it negligently failed to provide him with safe tools and a safe work environment.

Because of the incident, not only did the man sustain conscious pain before his death and mutilation to his body, but it left his family incomplete as well. His family, including a wife and two sons, now suffers from the loss of his companionship and the financial support he would have been able to provide for his family.

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