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Lawsuit alleges Airline employee injured baby

A couple is filing a personal injury lawsuit against American Airlines, alleging that their baby received personal injuries when an airline employee yanked a stroller from her mother who was holding the baby. The parents were at Chicago O’Hare International Airport preparing to board a flight when an airline employee approached them, trying to get them to board the plane.

The personal injury lawsuit alleges that the attendant intimated and rushed the mother while she attempted to pack the baby’s stroller in the travel bag. The personal injury lawsuit was filed Monday in Cook County Circuit Court. According to the complaint filed in Cook County, the mom was holding the 3-month baby and was having trouble fitting the stroller in the bag. When the employee reached for the stroller and forcefully grabbed it away, the baby was caused to fall backwards and nearly hit the floor.

The baby received personal injuries including a hyperextended neck and back and other permanent, catastrophic injuries. The couple is seeking a minimum of $50,000 and the cost of the personal injury lawsuit. The lawsuit names American Airlines and the employees as defendants and charges willful and wanton conduct as well as negligence.

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