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Kenwood Healthcare Center Found Responsible for Patient’s Broken Hip

Our Chicago personal injury attorneys just helped the victim of nursing home neglect recover $842,801 in damages from the nursing home responsible for the neglect and for the victim’s injuries. The nursing home is located on South Kenwood in Chicago and was known as Kenwood Healthcare Center at the time the victim was a resident, but now the facility at this address is known as Parkshore Estates.

The victim of the nursing home neglect slipped and fell back in December of 2008 while she was a resident at the nursing home. The nursing home was found liable for her injuries because when she was initially admitted to the nursing home she was able to move around on her own with a walker, then she fell and broke her hip because the nursing home failed to take the necessary safety precautions to insure that the resident did not suffer an avoidable fail. Our Chicago personal injury attorneys proved that nursing home did not take all necessary precautions to protect their residents from slips and falls.

Broken hips injuries at nursing homes are a very serious problem and can often be very severe for the resident injured. Elderly people typically have a more difficult time recovering from a broken hip, and the recovery process is very long and grueling, including surgery and a long recovery time. For residents that were previously mobile, being immobile for many months to recover from a broken hip can lead to an overall decline in the resident’s well being as well as their overall demeanor. Often times recovery for broken hips can lead to further medical complications and issues in these elderly patients.

One big issue that our Chicago attorneys worry about is that so many of these broken hip falls that occur in nursing homes are completely avoidable if the nursing home takes all the necessary steps to insure that their residents can get around the facility safely. When a resident or a resident’s family chooses a nursing home, they should be able to feel that the nursing home will take the best care possible of the resident.

In cases, such as this one, where it is clear that the nursing home neglected to take all the safety measures they should have, the resident is often able to recover more damages than just the amount needed to cover their medical bills. In the present case, the resident’s medical bills totaled a little over $50,000 but the jury awarded the resident much more than this amount. Hopefully the nursing home will make sure that this type of avoidable slip and fall does not happen to other patients and will make sure to always give all of their residents the best care possible.

If your loved one was a resident at a nursing home and you feel that they suffered either neglect or abuse at the hands of the nursing home, please contact our Illinois personal injury attorneys today to discuss what legal remedies may be available to your loved one.