Keeping an Eye on Chicago Public Transportation Safety:

Our team of lawyers is dedicated to keeping Chicago a safe place for the members of our community, and part of that job is alerting our readers to recent events, safety concerns, and local area legal knowledge. One important issue that should be consistently on all of our minds is public transportation safety. Chicagoans, and those who live in the surrounding suburban greater metropolitan area, rely on Chicago public transportation a great deal.

Every day in the Windy City, thousands of people utilize public transportation, including our CTA buses and el system, and Metra commuter trains. When riding Chicago public transportation, riders should be able to trust that they are on a vehicle that is safe, in fully operational and functioning condition, and that they are in the hands of a fully capable and competent driver. Riders should not have to distrust the public transportation system or fear that their safety may be compromised.

Not only should riders feel comfortable on the city’s public transportation system, but employees should be kept safe as well. For instance, according to a recent article by CBS Chicago, a CTA Yellow Line derailed. The train was southbound and derailed close to the Dempster-Skokie station in the evening time. Service was not restored until the next day’s morning. The worst part about this instance though, is not the loss of service, but that two CTA employees required medical attention for injuries. Not only are passengers owed a legal duty of care while riding public transportation, but the city of Chicago and the management of CTA owe a legal duty to their employees to keep them safe in their line of work and while on duty. Employees are legally required to provide their employees with a safe working environment, warn them of known dangers, and to prevent dangerous situations from occurring.

The el trains are not the only mode of transportation for concern either. Our lawyers also understand that numerous people utilize the city’s buses in addition to the trains. An investigative study that was done by ABC 7 this past fall season reported that a CTA bus crash occurs on average every 36 hours. This is an alarming fact, and clearly far too often to be acceptable. This means that every day and a half in Chicago, a city bus is involved in a crash, and people are injured. In recent years, the CTA buses have been involved in some notorious and high profile dangerous accidents. For example, one of these instances is when a CTA bus jumped a curb and went onto the sidewalk last summer in the downtown area. The winter before, a CTA bus started a chain-reaction accident in Roscoe Village. In September 2014, a southbound bus crossed into northbound lanes and hit parked cars and a fence, injuring seven. What is worst, is that these are just several example accidents on a long list of seriously dangerous CTA bus accidents.

Understanding that our city of Chicago is such a major hub for public transportation, it is important to keep those who manage our CTA and Metra system accountable for safety issues to prevent additional accidents and injuries from occurring to more people. Our lawyers are proud to be a part of this effort by representing injured parties and their families in public transportation lawsuits, including bus collisions and train derailments. It is our goal to reduce the number of accidents that occur and make the city a safer place to ride and travel.

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