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Jury orders $9 million dollar award in wrongful death lawsuit

In 2006, a 51 year-old woman who had trusted two of her local health care facilities passed away from something preventable! The woman, who had cerebral palsy, died from multiple infected pressure ulcers on different parts of her body. The wrongful death victim was being provided weekly medical treatment from Hutcheson and round-the-clock care from Country Crossing Assisted Living. Nonetheless, she suffered such significant pressure ulcers that they ultimately caused her death. The wrongful death lawsuit alleged that the health care facilities were only treating one of the victim’s pressure ulcers.

Our Chicago wrongful death lawyers recognize that most pressure ulcers are preventable. The health care industry has developed ways to reduce and prevent pressure ulcer development by assessing those individuals who are at-risk for developing pressure ulcers and treating them accordingly.

In the wrongful death lawsuit following the 51 year-old woman’s death due to pressure ulcers, the jury found the owner of Country Crossing Assisted Living and Hutcheson liable in the wrongful death after a week-long trial. The jury awarded $4 million dollars to the victim’s family for pain and suffering and a $5.5 million dollar award for the wrongful death lawsuit. The jury also awarded $2,683.00 in funeral expenses.

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