Jones Act Lawsuits: What Kinds of Vessels Are Covered?

Jones Act lawsuits are not limited to offshore vessels only; inland waterway seamen are also covered by the Jones Act and can seek fair and reasonable compensation for their injuries and medical expenses. The Jones Act applies to inland river workers as well as offshore workers and covers jackup rig injuries, semi-submersible ship or rig injuries, construction and lay barge injuries, drill ship injuries, tug/towboat injuries, crew boat injuries, drill ship injuries, dredge injuries, tanker and cargo ship injuries, fishing vessel injuries, chemical ship injuries, research vessel injuries, cruise ship injuries, other floating/movable structure injuries. The Jones Act does not require payment regardless of fault: in order for a worker to recover under the Jones Act, a worker must prove some negligence or fault on the part of the vessel’s owners, operators, officers, and/or fellow employees or by reason of any defect in the ship or vessel, the gear, equipment or tackle.

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