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ITLA President says Illinois economy and civil courts are not related

Illinois Trial Lawyers Association (“ITLA”) President Todd A. Smith recently wrote a poignant letter to the editor that appeared in The (Springfield) State-Journal Register earlier this week. In the letter, Mr. Smith faced the facts that Illinois has serious issues as we are in the midst of a state budget crisis. Mr. Smith stated that the nation’s economy has been in the grips of one of history’s worst recessions. However, a spokesperson for an anti-consumer group, blames citizens exercising their right to seek justice.

Mr. Smith stated that anti-consumer groups rely on false claims, distorted facts, and worthless surveys. For example, they cite a recent “report” done by the Pacific Research Institute, which is released every other year and has been discredited as entirely bogus and having no methodology or academic basis for its results. The personal injury attorneys at Levin & Perconti agree that these reports are simply schemes by powerful corporations to escape culpability in the courtroom. You see, the Pacific Research Institute is funded by big business, tobacco, big oil, insurance and pharmaceutical companies. These corporate special interests are upset that they do not dominate the Illinois justice system, so they seek to take away your rights by trying to evade accountability in the Illinois civil courts. Mr. Smith implores you not to be fooled by these anti-consumer groups: there is no correlation between Illinois’s economy and the civil justice system.

The Chicago injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti applaud Todd Smith for addressing this pressing issue about corporate influence on the civil justice system. Further information about anti-consumer groups’ attempts at evading accountability in Illinois civil courts is available on the ITLA website.