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Injury lawsuits promote car safety and product safety

As the Chicago product liability lawyers at Levin & Perconti have mentioned before, personal injury lawsuits and other negligence lawsuits hold product makers accountable to their consumers. Through the civil justice system, consumers have a voice. The Filipino-American Community Newspaper has addressed these issues in a recent article. The article states that automobile defects and defects in other products make them unsafe for consumers and their families. The law provides injured parties a right to recover compensation against the manufacturer or seller. The article addresses that through civil actions, consumers can recover the costs of present and future medical care, loss of earnings, and damages for pain and suffering. Further, corporate defendants who exhibit gross disregard for the safety of the public make them liable for punitive damages.

As Chicago personal injury attorneys are aware, insurance companies, politicians, and other large corporations or lobbyists unfairly criticize injury lawsuits as “lotteries” for the injured victims. They blame lawyers and blame product liability lawsuits for the faults in the economy. As the article addresses, nothing is further from the truth. Legal remedies protect consumers against big companies that have profits to use to protect themselves in court, even if its against the public interest.

As an example, injury and product liability lawsuits have positively influenced the way cars are produced and designed. Consider tires for instance. In the past, Firestone’s defective tires caused 271 deaths. But, the resulting injury and wrongful death litigation brought tires and their manufacturers under increased scrutiny and has resulted in safer tires for consumers.

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