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Injury lawsuits alleges drug caused attempted suicides and death

Last week, three personal injury lawsuits were filed against drugmaker Pfizer, Inc. The injury lawsuits allege that Pfizer’s smoking cessation drug Chantix caused people who took the drug to attempt suicide – and some succeeded. Two of the lawsuits allege that the plaintiffs tried to kill themselves as a result of the drug and the third, a wrongful death lawsuit, claims that the decedent committed suicide after using Chantix. The lawsuits contend that at the time that the individuals took Chantix, Pfizer did not inform physicians or patients about dangers it knew were related to the drug. Some dangers that the lawsuit alleges were related to the drug were depression and thoughts of suicide. Pfizer did subsequently add warnings to its package insert; however, the injury and wrongful death lawsuits allege that the drug’s label is still inadequate.

As background info, the Chantix drug hit the market about 3-4 years ago. Chantix was supposed to be a huge multibillion dollar product and revive profits. But, the drug’s sales fell off as concerns about the product’s serious side effects increased. The lawsuits seek punitive and compensatory damages in addition to medical and legal expenses. The wrongful death lawsuit also seeks funeral expenses.

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