Injured Tenant Sues Chicago Property Owners

Our attorneys have previously discussed premises liability lawsuits involving injuries suffered on commercial property, such as slip and falls at grocery stores or in parking lots. However, you may not know that premises liability law also extends to protecting individuals inside residential property, such as apartment buildings. Landlords and building owners have a legal duty of care to provide safe premises and fix known dangers to prevent injury and death to tenants and visitors to the property.

According to a recent article by the Cook County Record, two Chicago property owners have been named as defendants in an injury lawsuit. The plaintiff filed suit after being injured on a sidewalk on the defendant’s property. The victim filed suit in the Cook County Circuit Court with a claim of negligence and premises liability. In her complaint, the victim, a tenant of the Chicago property, was walking along the sidewalk of the building entrance when she tripped on uneven, detached, and cracked sidewalk. She is seeking damages over $30,000.

Our lawyers have successfully advocated for injured victims and the families of those wrongfully killed as a result of unsafe living conditions in Chicago apartments and have obtained fair and just verdicts and settlements for clients in these cases. In the case A.R. and A.R. and M.R. v. Marshway Limited Partnership, Marshway, L.L.C. and Cig Management L.L.C., our attorneys obtained a $6 million settlement for the families of 6 children who died in an apartment fire on Chicago’s north side. In this case, we proved that the landlords failed to have proper working smoke detectors, which was in violation of the Chicago Municipal Code. As a result of this negligence, the children were not able to escape the building in time. Furthermore, in L.S. v. Chicago Housing Authority, our lawyers obtained a $2.3 million settlement for a Chicago fire injury. In this case, two boys were severely burned in an apartment fire.

In a premises liability lawsuit, a plaintiff must prove that the defendant property owners failed to maintain the property, created unsafe conditions which caused injury, or knew about hazards but did not alert others to the danger or remedy the danger. If you have suffered a significant or life-altering injury due to a property owner’s negligence, we may be able to help you hold a property owner liable for the unsafe conditions that caused your suffering. Call us today for a free consultation, and we would be happy to discuss your potential case with you.

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