Increased Car Seat Use Has Led to a Decrease in Child Deaths

Way too often our lawyers hear unfortunate news reports of car crashes, construction site accidents, or medical malpractice. When good news occurs, we like to share it, especially when we can provide readers with easy-to-follow advice that saves lives and prevents injuries. Our attorneys are pleased to pass on the following safety tips to our readers.

According to an article by WGEM, increased car seat use has led to a decline in child deaths in car crashes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevented reported findings that the number of children who have died in motor vehicle accidents decreased by 43% over the last decade. The major reason for such a significant decrease in numbers is due to the increase in use of car seats. Furthermore, last year there were 21,000 traffic-related deaths, but only 650 of these deaths were children. Findings also show that as more states create and enforce laws and regulations requiring car seat usage, the numbers of child deaths have and will continue to decline.

These findings show that it truly is possible to reach a goal of safety and saving lives when the community and law enforcement work together. Not only have states enforced regulations, but local communities have come together to ensure that the laws are followed and children are safe. Many counties and municipalities even offer events centered on car seat checks, in which parents can have their children’s car seats checked to ensure that their little ones are free from dangers on the road. Events like these can also help parents double-check if the seat is installed correctly in the vehicle, which can often be difficult for new and first-time parents or caregivers.

In the same article, the Adams County Coordinator had some words of advice for all. While on the whole, budgeting and saving money is a great mantra for all families, however car seats is not a category where parents should be cutting costs. It is not recommended to purchase car seats at garage sales or thrift shops because it is often unknown or undisclosed whether the seat has previous been in a crash or has any non-obvious defects that could put a child in harm’s way. A child’s life is never equivalent to saving a little bit of money and a price tag value can never be placed upon a human life.

Doing the research on many different options, purchasing a car seat and installing it properly are crucial steps that all parents and caregivers should take to protect the children in their care. As communities and government work together to reach a common goal of child safety and preventing child fatalities, there are many resources parents can turn to for helpful advice. For instance, you can turn to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website specifically focused on child safety in the car at This government website informs guardians of children of the law and safety regulations to keep children safe, such as height and age requirements for various seats, how to properly install seats, and news on various recalls and safety issues.

Our lawyers are passionate about the safety of children and all people on the road. We have advocated for victims of motor vehicle accidents since 1992 to help them obtain justice and to use the legal system to set precedent to prevent future losses of life, recklessness on the road, and defective products. If your child has been harmed in a motor vehicle accident due to another’s negligence, or was injured due to a defective car seat, you may have a personal injury or products liability claim. With over 20 years of experience, you can turn to our firm for help. Call us for a free consultation today.

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