Illinois Woman Sues Fitness Center for Injuries Sustained in Parking Lot

An Illinois woman filed a personal injury lawsuit against a fitness center in which she alleges that she slipped and fell in the parking lot of the fitness center, resulting in multiple injuries to the woman. The incident occurred a little over two years ago and the injured woman filed the lawsuit against the fitness center earlier this fall. According to the Madison-St. Clair Record, the woman slipped and fell while walking in the parking lot and injured one of her knees, ankle, wrist and arm and these injuries led to her missing work (and incurring lost wages), cost her a great deal of money in medical expenses and has led to her ongoing pain and suffering since the time the incident occurred.

The lawsuit alleges that the fitness center failed to properly maintain their parking lot and that they failed to warn the injured woman of the parking lot conditions. Illinois law requires that owners of property maintain a certain level of safety on the premises they own in order to keep the public and any customers safe. The duty to maintain premises requirement of property owners means that these owners must maintain a relatively safe environment and that they must exercise ordinary care to protect those entering the premises. In addition to maintaining the premises, property owners have a duty to inform the public of any known dangers on the property, if they are known but have not yet been repaired.

This law aims to protect the public and give property owners further reason and further incentive to keep their property safe and to keep the public safe by holding the property owners liable for injuries that could have been avoided. Property owners may not only be held responsible for actual damages resulting from injuries caused by these types of dangerous conditions, but also pain and suffering and other monetary damages, which hopefully will help to make sure that property owners keep their property in safe conditions.

A parking lot is a good example of where the issue of premises liability can come into play. The parking lot of a business is an area that many customers will drive through and walk through and even a small danger present in the parking lot could lead to injuries by many customers. In this case it is not clear what the danger present in the parking lot was, but there are many types of problems that owners need to be cautious and aware of to avoid injury. Examples of these problems that could be present in parking lots are potholes, broken concrete barriers, uneven pavement and many more types of dangers.

Our Illinois attorneys ask all property owners to make sure to insure that not only the buildings and other structures are safe for the public, but also that all other areas of the premises, including parking lots, are also safe and secure for the public. This will help insure that the public stays safe and that business owners do not end up being sued for avoidable injuries.

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