Illinois Woman Sues Chemical Plant for Causing Her Cancer

An Illinois woman has filed a lawsuit against a refining plant, claiming that chemical spills of benzene by their plant caused her to develop cancer. The personal injury lawsuit alleges that the woman, who lived nearby the chemical plant for many years, got sick from the release of benzene as well as other chemicals released by the chemical plant regularly over the time that she lived at that house. According to The Telegraph, the lawsuit filed by the woman goes into further detail, describing how the leaked chemicals affected her directly, stating that the chemicals were leaked into the groundwater (through leaking pipes/storage tanks, product transfer, equipment problems and leaching of compounds from soil and sediment that was contaminated). The groundwater then penetrated into the woman’s home through seepage and cracks (her basement has an open drain and cinder block walls), which led to the air in her home being highly contaminated with the chemical residue.

Recently, the woman’s home was purchased from her and demolished, along with several others, after the chemical plant discovered that there had been chemical leakage in the surrounding area and that the level of chemicals was directly affecting several nearby homes. The chemical corporation intends to build a soil vapor extraction system in order to address the chemical leakage and to cleanup the area. According to the refinery corporation, they will continue to work closing with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to make sure to address the dangerous and hazardous issue.

In addition to the woman who filed suit against the corporation, the village that she lives in has also filed a lawsuit against the corporation claiming that any amount of benzene level in the air is dangerous and hazardous to the people that live in the village. According to the village’s lawsuit, the area nearby the chemical plant is 2,600 times over the current legal limit of the toxic and dangerous chemical.

The woman’s lawsuit, the village’s lawsuit and other lawsuits filed against the chemical corporation seek not only to be compensated for any injuries that they suffer as a result of the chemical exposure, but also seek to raise a higher standard of safety and awareness in which the chemical corporation will ideally create a safer and more protected area around the plant. The chemical company has to be held accountable for the injuries that they cause to the public and also need to make sure that they do not expose additional people in the area to further chemical dangers.

Our Chicago area attorneys have helped numerous clients fight large corporations that either negligently or intentionally exposed that party to dangerous and hazardous substances, typically unbeknownst to the party at the time of exposure. Many of these clients experienced serious health problems and continue to suffer because of what the chemical plants, or other large corporations, allowed the clients to be exposed to over time. Please contact our office today if you or a loved one have suffered a dangerous exposure that was caused by a local corporation.

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