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Chicago Injury Lawyers Obtain $4.5 Million Settlement

Last Friday, Chicago personal injury lawyers Jeffrey Martin and John Perconti received a $4.5 million dollar settlement for our client in a Cook County medical malpractice case. The case was settled with a fertility clinic and involved a failure to diagnose adrenocortical cancer in our 19-year-old client.

At the time of the misdiagnosis, our client had just begun college. Her menstrual cycles became irregular, she began gaining weight and her mood changed, so she went to an Illinois fertility center to see an endocrinologist. Her doctor diagnosed her with polycystic ovary syndrome even though he did not examine her or rule out cancer or Cushing’s syndrome. She received treatments for polycystic ovary syndrome for 14 months, and when our client noticed new symptoms, her mother talked about these changes with nurses at the center. Unfortunately, the nurses did not tell her endocrinologist about these changes, nor did they document them, and her adrenal cancer continued to go untreated. Because of this failure to diagnose cancer in a timely manner, our client’s true condition was not treated for more than a year.

When a patient is faced with cancer, time is of the essence, and this lapse in treatment allowed our client’s cancer to progress to a Stage 4. Because of the misdiagnosis and delayed diagnose of cancer, it metastasized to her liver and her lungs, making her prognosis much worse than if she would have been properly diagnosed when she first visited the fertility center. The settlement will never make up for our client’s emotional stress and shortened lifespan, but it will help her with past and future medical expenses so she can continue to undergo chemotherapy and treatments.

A delayed diagnosis or a wrong diagnosis misdiagnosis can take a devastating toll on patients and family members. It is important that when serious medical mistakes such as this occur, all wrongdoers are held responsible and victims are fairly compensated. Our Chicago personal injury attorneys at Levin and Perconti are proud to have helped this young woman and her family find justice.