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Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer Shared Need to Protect Rights of Injured Workers

In any given day an Illinois personal injury attorney may work with victims in a wide variety of situations, from those injured by the mistakes of their doctor to others who suffered debilitating workplace injuries. In virtually all cases, however, those involved simply seek basic fairness from the legal system so that they can get their lives back to normal for themselves and their families.

Unfortunately, big interests are virtually always working to undermine the legal rights of these victims. We have frequently discussed the medical malpractice “reform” that seeks to make it harder for patients to hold their doctors accountable for Illinois medical malpractice. Similarly, much talk has been made recently about Illinois workers compensation reform. The Bloomington Pantagraph recently published story by Illinois Trial Lawyers Association President Todd A. Smith that discusses the problems with the latest effort.

The potential abuses of the workers compensation system by a small group of violators are being used as cover to pass a sweeping proposal that would severely undermine the rights of all those who have legitimate workplace injury claims. Instead of empowering officials to root out abuse in the system, taking a hatchet to the entire system that has been in place for decades is being proposed.

For example, if passed these claimed “reforms” would force all injured workers to be treated by a “company doctor” who will have the financial incentive to get the employee back to work as soon as possible. Other changes would make it more difficult for all workers to receive support for their families following workplace accidents.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti continue to believe in the right of all those injured to seek fair compensation for their losses. Those injured on the job are no different. It is important for policymakers to respect the rights of these victims and not destroy a system for the sole benefit of increasing corporate profits.

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