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Illinois legislation jeopardizes medical licenses of sex offenders

Chicago personal injury lawyers have noted recent articles on Illinois medical malpractice involving physicians accused of sexual abuse. Now, Illinois legislation if passed would require health care workers convicted of sex crimes and forcible felonies to automatically and permanently lose their medical licenses, revealing significant support in Springfield for major medical disciplinary reform. Victims advocates and medical regulators have pushed Illinois lawmakers to introduce a new round of measures to stop sex-offending doctors through sweeping reforms. The proposed measures would mandate criminal background checks of physicians and a far greater number of medical investigators.

A previously sponsored bill would have allowed medical regulators to retain discretion in disciplining health care workers convicted of sex crimes. Unlike the current proposed legislation, the prior legislation would not have automatically revoked the licenses of medical practitioners. Under the new legislation, a sex crime or forcible felony conviction would automatically trigger a revocation of license without input from regulators. No person required to register on the Illinois sex offender registry would be eligible to receive an Illinois medical license. The bill would also require that health care workers charged with such crimes to have chaperone present when seeing patients while their criminal cases are pending.

Earlier this year, a Chicago-Area psychologist was reported to sexually assault his patient. The abuse of power exhibited by professionals in positions of influence is always sad and shocking. Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers understand the vulnerability of patients in a variety of settings, both at hospitals and mental health facilities. It is simply unacceptable for any professional to use their position of influence to appease their own personal desires.

Follow the link to the Chicago Tribune to read more about the Illinois legislation.

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