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Illinois lawsuit alleges lifeguard negligence in drowning wrongful death

The St. Clair Record reported that a recently filed Illinois wrongful death lawsuit alleges that the man died while swimming in a crowded Madison County Illinois lake after a lifeguard failed to provide him adequate assistance. In fact, the Illinois negligence lawsuit further contends that the lifeguard was allegedly talking and texting on her cell phone at the time of the incident.

The special administrator of the deceased man’s estate reported that the 45 year-old man visited Holiday Shores in July with his family. He decided to enjoy a swim in a designated beach area located in Edwardsville, Illinois. He was not alone – a number of other guests had also decided to swim in the same area that day. The wrongful death lawsuit alleges that the club should have had two lifeguards on duty because of the significant number of guests, instead of only one.

The Illinois drowning lawsuit also states that the 45 year-old decedent was swimming in the lake and began coughing and needing assistance. Friends and witnesses yelled and requested help, but the lifeguard did not reply in a timely fashion. The lifeguard had been on her cell phone throughout the day and was using her celphone at the time the incident occurred. Because of the lifeguard’s negligence, the lawsuit alleges, the victim’s deceased body was not discovered for more than one hour! The Illinois wrongful death lawsuit seeks a judgment of more than $150,000.

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