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Illinois law firm announces record medical malpractice lawsuit settlement recently announced a record-breaking Illinois county medical malpractice lawsuit settlement. The largest medical malpractice settlement ever reached in Iroquois County, Illinois was reached when the Illinois plaintiff was awarded $1 million. An Illinois medical malpractice law firm assisted in obtaining the largest medical malpractice settlement in the Illinois county. The Illinois plaintiff is a 61 year-old female who visited her primary care physician in April 2008 when she had pneumonia-like symptoms. But, her Illinois physician neglected to disclose to the plaintiff that she had a presence of a mass demonstrated on her chest X-ray. Plus, her physician did not call the Illinois plaintiff for any follow-up testing.

Due to the Illinois physician’s act of delayed diagnosis, the plaintiff’s lung cancer was not identified until approximately 22 months after her initial visit. At the time of her first visit, the plaintiff had a mass on her chest X-ray. By the time the plaintiff’s lung cancer was identified, her cancer had progressed to Stage IV lung cancer.

Delayed diagnoses, like the one in this plaintiff’s case, are among the most common Illinois medical malpractice claims. When a healthcare provider delays diagnosis, they put patients at risk for serious complications or death. Unfortunately, in this situation, the 61 year-old plaintiff was unaware of the severity of her cancer until 22 months after her initial doctor’s visit. Treatable problems, when diagnoses are delayed, can escalate and become much more serious if not addressed early.

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