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Illinois jury awards railroad accident victim $30 million verdict

A record Illinois jury verdict was announced in an Illinois railroad injury lawsuit. The plaintiff, a railroad conductor, lost both of his legs after being struck by a train. The jury awarded the Illinois personal injury victim $10 million for loss of normal life, $6.3 million for pain and suffering, $10 million for disfigurement, $4.2 million for life care, and $2.5 million for wage loss.

On Easter Sunday in 2007, the Illinois railroad injury plaintiff was working as a conductor for an interstate railroad company, switching cars in the railroad’s Rock Island, Illinois railyard, when he was struck by a train. The Illinois railroad accident victim sustained massive injuries to his upper thighs and lower abdomen, fractures to both legs and multiple areas of his pelvis, and subsequent surgical amputation of both legs. The victim had worked only one year and five days for the railroad at the time of the accident. He was in a Marine Reserves unit and scheduled to go to Iraq a few months later. The plaintiff is currently unemployed. In the Illinois railroad accident lawsuit, the plaintiff argued that the railroad was negligent in violating numerous safety rules while switching cars and violated federal communication regulations governing train operations.

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