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Illinois injury Lawsuit Watch: H.R. 5 Hearing Today

Today proponents of tort reform will continue their misguided attempt to take away the rights of medical victims with a piece of legislation known as House Resolution 5 (HR 5). Testimony will be heard today on the bill in the Health Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. This is the second committee meeting involving the legislation in the last month

Of course, we have often pointed out the problems with this legislation on the blog. Similar to other measures that have been rejected by common-sense decision-makers in the past, HR 5 seeks to enrich certain big businesses at the expense of ordinary community members who happen to get caught up in painful medical malpractice lawsuits. Drug manufactures, insurance companies, and similar interests are pushing the bill in an effort to ensure that regular citizens have even less ability to hold the conglomerates accountable for their actions.

HR 5 is the latest attempt to take away medical victim rights. Specifically, the bill involves the government making arbitrary decisions about all legal damages, taking away the constitutional requirement that juries make the decision. On top of that, if the bill passes, the statute of limitations would be shortened-with the likely outcome that more victims will unsuspectingly lose their right to sue their wrongdoer in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

This bill, like the many others before it, must be defeated.

Our Chicago injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti understand that the political world is filled with big interests who battle it out to ensure that they each have a bigger piece of the pie. However, the time-tested principles laid down by our Founders must be respected-that includes the right of a jury to make decisions about damages in legal cases. In reality the true problem is not the prevalence of Illinois medical malpractice lawsuits but the prevalence of medical malpractice itself. Thousands and thousands of medical patients are killed each year by hospital mistakes. Even more are injured and suffer lifelong complications that could and should have been avoided. We encourage everyone to contact their Congressional representatives and urge a rejection of this unsound policy.

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