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Illinois Farming Accident Takes Life of Another Teen

Serious accidents may strike in almost any setting. However, some of the most common, yet preventable accidents involve workplace injuries, when employees are seriously injured or even killed as a result of incidents that occur when they are on the clock.

The Illinois injury attorneys at our firm understand the significant hardship these situations present not only to the victim, but to their families as well. As an illustration, not only might an accident and resulting injury create significant medical bills, but the injured party is often unable to work afterwards. This, in turn, results in significant financial problems for all of the people who depend ion the injured employee’s paycheck as a primary source of income. Additionally, when a worker is killed, the consequences are even more severe. Beyond the permanent lost wages, surviving family members are forced to deal with the immense pain and suffering that inevitably comes with losing a loved one.

It goes without saying, therefore, that everything reasonable needs be done to prevent workplace injuries.

In our practice area, some of the most common workplace injuries occur on farms. As Illinois is an agriculturally-rick state, thousands of individuals work each day in the production of crops. Unfortunately, however, with the large number of agricultural workers also comes a significant number of Illinois farming accidents. Many residents, from children to older adults, continue to be hurt in these incidents.

For example, Agri News reported recently that a tragic farming accident occurred just outside of Deer Grove, Illinois. According to the report, a fifteen year-old died in rural Whiteside County, after he allegedly fell off a detasseling machine and was then run over by the piece of equipment.

Sadly, this tragic accident is just the latest in a string of farming accidents to strike in Illinois in recent years. For example, this past July, two teenagers were electrocuted after coming into contact with a farm’s irrigator. The two teens died and several others were injured in the incident. In yet another separate incident, a teen died and two others were injured after being engulfed in grain in a grain bin.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) monitors work conditions on many job sites. The administration often issues fines and citations following workplace accidents. However, our Illinois injury attorneys often advise injured persons that the OSHA actions are separate from possible civil lawsuits filed by victims and their families. Citing an example, in the incident in which individuals were electrocuted by the irrigation system, OSHA did not issue any citations, yet the father of one of the victims brought a civil lawsuit against the farm owners for negligence.

Under Illinois law, accident victims and their survivors can seek accountability and compensation when employers fail in their duty to keep these work environments reasonably safe. For more information, ask an Illinois work injury attorney about how the law applies in your situation.

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