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Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Alert: Drowning Accidents Often Occur in Portable Swimming Pools

Many Illinois residents use portable (and affordable) swimming pools to beat the summer heat if do not have access to in-ground pools or nearby natural water. Many companies have capitalized on the popularity of summer swimming to more aggressively market these cheaper pools. Our Chicago personal injury lawyers have seen the myriad of versions of these pieces of recreational equipment, from one foot deep plastic tubs to larger, air-filled models. However, new research lends credence to the fact that many Illinois drowning accidents strike in these devices.

Efforts to make theses pool as cheap as possible often comes with safety sacrifices. For example, much national attention has been drawn to a new study published in the journal Pediatrics that explored the prevalence of swimming pool accidents caused by these portable devices. Shockingly, the investigation found that roughly one child dies every five days in the summer in a portable pool drowning. The actual danger of the pools is likely much higher because that statistic only includes submersion statistics, not other forms of pool accidents.

The ease with which accidents can strike in these pools may shock many local observers. For example, one accident mentioned in the study involved a parent who fell asleep in a wading pool while holding a child. The infant eventually drowned in only two inches of water. Another case involves nine-year old twins who became entangled in a portable pool cover and drowned.

Some researchers believe those in charge of making these devices need to take some responsibility for the deaths. One advocated explained that “many of the protection methods and devices for in-ground pools are too expensive or not available for portable pools. Manufacturers need to step up and try to help consumers by coming up with affordable and effective prevention devices.”

Our Illinois injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti encourage local families that use these pools to ensure that they do not pose unnecessary risks to their friends and family members. The same drowning risks apply to these pools as to all others.

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