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Chicago Injury Attorney Alert: Illinois Bounce House injuries Pose Risk to Area Children

Every Chicago injury lawyer at our firm knows that the sight of colorful, castle-like bounce houses is becoming quite common at area festivals, birthday parties, and similar children’s events. More and more local children convince their parents to let them clamber inside these inflatable devices and bounce in the trampoline-esque structure. However, many parents remain unaware of the dangers hidden in these devices. The prevalence of risks has led to many bounce house injury lawsuits.

Young children fall victim to those accidents in a variety of ways. For one thing, the often chaotic bouncing patterns and flying bodies often result in collisions and awkward falls which cause serious injury. Beyond that, the improper tethering and staking of these objects often leads to serious injury. KGUN News reported earlier this month on three separate bounce houses that had blown away in the wind, injuring several children.

The latest bounce house accident occurred at an elementary school graduation party. A strong wind came through the party and eventually picked up the poorly secured house and blew it straight into a light pole. Fortunately, several at the party quickly ushered out the children when the wind picked up and they avoided major injury.

A Chicago personal injury lawyer knows that other victims have not been so lucky. In two separate bounce house accidents that occurred in the area previously, castles were blown away with children inside. In one of those cases a little girl flew with the airborne inflatable and was severely injured when the house landed on a rooftop. In the other case two children were trapped in a bounce house that slammed them into the middle of the road. They were severely hurt in the accident.

Our bounce house injury attorneys at Levin & Perconti are able to help all victims of these accidents. It is imperative that the companies that rent these devices for parties do everything in their power to prevent tragedies from striking. Innocent children have no concept of the risks that they are exposed to when playing in these inflatables.

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