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Hidden Crib Dangers

The federal government recalled nearly 1.6 million cribs sold by Delta Enterprise less than a month ago, and the company vowed to fix the cribs hazardous drop rails. Unfortunately, government documents revealed at least 19 instances of an entirely different hazard on the Delta cribs, mattress platforms that drop and create a gap that can entrap and strangle babies. Although cribs are designed so that a family can leave a baby unattended for many hours at a time, they are the most deadly nursery product. One missing screw, one broken spindle or a loose mattress support can turn an otherwise safe crib into a death trap. This happens because babies’ small flexible bodies can slide through gaps, but their heads get trapped. Today’s cribs can sometimes be converted into toddler and adult beds, but the more moving parts a crib has, the more likely those parts can wear out or get lost when parents take them apart. Safety groups have urged manufactures to change the industry’s voluntary standard so that cribs can’t function if mattress supports and drop-side railings are installed upside down, or could function equally well in either position. To read the full story, click here.