Fungal Meningitis Risk Period May Be Over, But CDC States Threat Remains

Those who received a tainted steroid injection that caused the fungal meningitis outbreak were told that they had 42 days to wait to see if they contracted the disease. ABC News reports that the waiting period is over, but the meningitis threat is still a reality for some patients. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, has stated that new cases will most likely continue to be diagnosed for at least a few months.

There were eighteen new cases reported last Friday alone, and despite the 42-day window coming to an end, more are likely to be reported soon. The fungal disease expert at the CDC, Dr. Tom Chiller said that meningitis outbreak “is a moving target.” The reason that the CDC publicized the 42-day period was to aid physicians in determining whether their possible infected patients should be placed on anti-fungal medications to combat spread of meningitis. However, the anti-fungal medications also placed patients at risk of other adverse health problems. Additionally, the 42-day period was only an average of the incubation period of fungal meningitis, which can last anywhere between 20 and 100 days, or even longer. Therefore, those injected by the tainted steroid product should remain vigilant and monitor their health and watch for any symptoms that may occur in the near future.

This outbreak continues to grow more frightening, the CDC reports that many persons infected with meningitis are now returning to their physicians with abscesses filled with fungus and puss, and some may actually relapse. Therefore anyone who received treatment should monitor their injection site and be aware that any growth in that area is dangerous and should seek medical attention immediately.

Our attorneys continue to monitor this meningitis outbreak as it progresses and our investigating cases for clients nationwide. This new development is serious and potentially deadly for those involved. As a reminder, the three Chicago area treatment facilities that received the tainted steroid injection are APAC Lincoln Park, the APAC facility in the Thorek Hospital Building, and the Prairie Medical Building in Westchester. If you or a loved one was treated with a steroid injection at any of these locations, please contact a physician promptly. We are also here to advise clients in all states affected by this outbreak, so if you are infected please consider contacting our offices to assist you during this troubling time and to advise you of your legal remedies.

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