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FDA Addresses Issues with Transvaginal Surgical Mesh

Our Chicago personal injury attorneys recently read about an update recently issued by the FDA regarding serious complications associated with transvaginal placement of surgical mesh. According to the FDA’s website, surgical mesh is a medical device that is generally used to repair weakened or damaged tissue, and can be used to repair a weakened vaginal wall, or support the urethra or bladder neck during a procedure for urinary incontinence.

However, the FDA’s latest updated analysis shows that complications and adverse effects are not rare in cases involving the use of surgical mesh in vaginal surgical procedures. Based on this study, results show that problems associated with the use of surgical mesh for transvaginal repair may be a cause for serious concern.

The most common complications reported in the analysis were mesh erosion through the vagina, pain, infection, bleeding, pain during sexual intercourse, organ perforation, and urinary problems. There were also reports of recurrent prolapse, neuro-muscular problems, vaginal scarring/shrinkage, as well as emotional problems. Many of these problems require additional or supplemental surgical and medical treatment, and may incur costly medical bills.

However, these difficulties aren’t limited to the women who experience the pain first-hand; the study revealed that male sexual partners may also experience irritation and pain to the penis during sexual intercourse when the mesh is exposed in mesh erosion.

To date, there has not been any brand of surgical mesh in particular that appears to cause harmful results more than any other – all brands of surgical mesh seem to have equal rates of failure, and are equally likely to cause pain and suffering to the patients who are the victim of this faulty product.

When defective products cause consumers or patients to suffer serious injuries or death, victims have a right to hold manufacturers, medical device and drug companies responsible. Women suffering from complications may be able to file a claim to recover compensation for their injuries If you or someone you love is suffering from complications from surgical mesh, our Illinois personal injury attorneys may be able to help you understand your rights. Our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys are diligently researching the prognoses of injuries from transvaginal surgical mesh complications, and are well qualified to fight for your rights.