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Father Sues Son’s Employer After Tragic Electrocution Death

The Madison-St. Clair Record reports that the father of a recently deceased young man filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his son’s employer after the 19-year-old was electrocuted and killed. The incident occurred in March 2011 when the young man was working as a farm hand at the defendant’s dairy farm and was attempting to remove a raccoon from an irrigation pipe when the pipe came into contact with an uninsulated overhead power line, which fatally electrocuted him. The complaint alleges that the young man could not see what was happening at the time because it was nighttime and too dark to see. The deceased’s family claims that their young son’s employer was negligent in placing the irrigation pipe in an unsafe place, allowing him to work in the dark, and failing to properly train him, among other negligent acts. The family is seeking a judgment of over $225, 000 plus costs.

Our Chicago wrongful death attorneys understand that when a loved one is lost because of the negligent or reckless behavior of another, it is impossible to replace that lost life. We also firmly believe that negligent or reckless behavior should not go unacknowledged. Since 1992, we have fought for the families who have lost a loved one too early to help bring them some peace and closure during this difficult time. Employees must be protected and kept safe from overly dangerous situations and are entitled to a safe workplace, no matter the situation. Our attorneys know that the death of a loved one is a devastating event in anyone’s life but we also know that the families do not have to suffer in silence if their loved one was killed due to the negligence of another.

Unfortunately in Illinois, farm related accidents are all too common. Our rich history of agriculture and farming carries with it an equally rich history of farming related accidents and deaths. Young farm hands like the victim in this case must be provided with a safe place to work and proper training, especially when working outside and at night. It is important for farms to monitor the safety of their employees and to provide them with proper safety training and supervision in a multitude of areas. This young worker should have had proper light while he was working and should have been properly trained on the dangers of low hanging power lines. Perhaps if this were done, a young life would have been saved.

Lawsuits like this one are an important way to ensure that all employers provide the proper training and a safe environment for their workers, no matter the trade. If you or a loved one has been injured at work, contact our offices for a free consultation on your legal rights.