Father Sues Landlord After Air Conditioning Unit Falls on Daughter

When we walk around the city of Chicago, we expect that we are reasonably safe. We definitely don’t expect to suddenly fall into a manhole, a piano to be dropped from a forklift, or for things to fall from the sky like a scene from a cartoon or movie. However, when people are negligent or reckless, strange and dangerous things do happen.

A recent post by the Cook County Record for instance, explains how a father is suing a Chicago landlord after an air conditioning unit cover fell and struck his daughter. The father argues that the landlord was negligent by failing to fix and repair the air conditioning unit cover or warn him of the dangerous condition.

Our attorneys stress that under premises liability law, a landowner or landlord owes a legal duty of care to those on the land or premises, such as tenants. This legal duty includes the duty to inspect the land for dangers, remedy known dangers, and to warn those on the land of known dangers. When such an accident occurs to someone living on the property, the landowner may be liable if the plaintiff can prove that the landowner’s negligence led to the injury. Often the plaintiff must show that the landowner failed to maintain the property or created the unsafe condition that was the cause of the injury.

However, the above described case isn’t the only type of accident that occurs private or public properties. Other common accidents can include slip and falls, such as those occurring on the icy porch of an apartment building or a fall in the produce section of the supermarket where water has collected. Another unfortunately common instance of premises liability accidents are drowning accidents, such as those at public pools where employees failed to take precautions and protect patrons or at a friend’s house where children were not properly supervised. In other instances, those on the land may have been exposed to toxic substances or chemicals, like fumes, mold, or asbestos. Our attorneys have a diverse range of experience in representing clients in all types of premises liability lawsuits, and we encourage you to know your rights too. You should not have to be in danger when on premises you rightfully can be on. Know that the owner and operator of the property owes you a legal duty of care to keep you safe and keep the property from being dangerous.

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