Family Receives $14 MIllion in Connection with Airbag Deployment Lawsuit

The family of a teenage boy who was severely injured in an accident in which an airbag failed to deploy in a car that he was driving, has filed a lawsuit against the car manufacturer and has been awarded $14 million dollars in connection with the defective airbag lawsuit. The incident occurred when the young man got in to a single-vehicle accident, with his car leaving the road, going down an embankment and hitting a tree. The accident left the young man with serious head injuries and he was in a coma for a week following the accident. According to Lawyers and Settlements, the lawsuit filed by the family alleged that the airbag in the car did not deploy even though the impact of the accident was so severe. The lawsuit goes on to allege that had the side airbag properly deployed in the accident that the young boy’s personal injuries would most likely have been much less serious.

The boy’s case alleged that that the sensors for the side airbags were placed in a position in the car that were not the proper place to properly trigger the car’s side airbags on serious impact. The car manufacturer’s response was based on the fact that the model year of the car (2008) was before the legislation by the car industry required side airbags, and that the inclusion of side airbags was an extra that model of car included and was not a necessary safety precaution that the car must have. However, the jury determined that the car manufacturer was the party in the wrong and that the car that the young man was driving was “unreasonably dangerous” and in turn found in favor of the young victim.

The young man who was injured in the car accident, when the side airbags failed to deploy has accumulated over $139,000 in medical bills since the accident, and his recovery is ongoing. He had to relearn how to talk and how to walk as a result of his serious head injuries. In order to help determine what amount would be an appropriate award for the injured young man, an estimate of his lifetime medical bills was determined, finding that it will likely cost his about $11 million to continue with his rehabilitation over the course of his lifetime. Taking this estimate into account, as well as other pain and suffering that the young man experienced, the family of the young victim was awarded $14 million dollars in damages in connection with the lawsuit.

While car airbags can be a lifesaver in many accidents, they can provide a false sense of security when they do not deploy properly. Car manufacturers must make sure that their cars and their car’s airbags are designed in a way that the airbags will deploy when they should, in order to best protect the people riding in the car. If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident where the airbags failed to deploy, and you believe they should have deployed based on the impact, please contact our office today to discuss what legal options may be available to you and your loved ones.

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