Excessive CT scans can develop new issues

A recent study suggests that the overuse of computed tomography (CT) scans can lead to the development of new cancers. Product liability studies suggest that radiation exposure from CT scanners may cause cancer. The article suggests that CT scans are believed to contribute to 29,000 new cancers yearly, which contributes to 14,500 fatalities. The Los Angeles Times reported that widespread overuse of CT scans and variations in radiation doses caused by different machines operated by technicians following any array of procedures are subjecting patients to high radiation doses that will ultimately lead to tens of thousands of new cancer cases and deaths.

Good news may be on the way – currently, CT scanner manufacturers are creating medical instruments that utilize lower doses of radiation, while older scanners operate on higher doses. Unfortunately, under the normal dosages of radiation for a procedure where the highest doses of radiations are used, about 1 in 270 women and 1 in 600 men who receive it at age 40 will develop cancer as a result. This is shocking news and one expert stated that there are no clinical trials that show such imaging saves lives.

Levin & Perconti read some good advice in the article linked below — One way to avoid multiple CT scans is to keep your own records of the CT scans they have received. Ask your doctor why repeat studies are necessary. Also, ask for alternative types of imaging.

Click here to read more about the dangers of excessive CT scans.

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