Engineer blamed for 2008 train crash

Federal officials at the National Transportation Safety Board have called for railroads to install cameras and voice records in every control cab across the United States. The warning comes after the agency has reached a conclusion after the deadly commuter train collision with a freight train in 2008. The agency publicly warned last week that cellphone texting by engineers and conductors was a growing and lethal danger to consumers using the public transportation. The 2008 train crash has been blamed on a Metrolink engineer who passed a stop signal as he sent a message from his cell phone.

In general, text messaging by train crews is becoming more widespread. The board believes that this needs to be put to an end now. As we in Illinois know, texting by operators has become much more widespread. Something needs to be done and we’re glad to read that the NTSB is calling attention to the issue.

Click here to read more about the texting behind the 2008 train crash.

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