Driving Hung-Over Poses the Same Dangers as Drunk-Driving

The general public has been consistently educated on the dangers of drunk-driving and the risks for serious personal injuries or fatalities it poses to other drivers on the road. However, it now appears that drunk drivers are not the only dangers. Instead of late-night risks, the morning drive now has its dangers as well. Driving with a hangover is just as serious and driving drunk. The problem is that many people are aware they should not drive immediately after consuming alcohol, but many are not aware that they are still too impaired to drive the next morning.

According to CBS Atlanta, a recent study asserted that a hangover that follows a night of heavy drinking can impair a driver’s performance on the road just as badly as driving under the influence of alcohol would. The study claims that the effects of drinking last longer than the measurable blood alcohol concentration. Participants in the study spent a night drinking and took a twenty minute simulated driving test the next morning. Researchers observed that the drivers had increases in speed, errors, and deviation from driving position in this simulation.

The aim of this study was to reflect what occurs in real life when people commute to work the next day after drinking. While this study was performed in the U.K., we can recognize that Chicago is similarly situated. Chicago is a city with full of business opportunities and prosperity, and it is also a city very eventful and social night-life. However, when these two strong points merge, our city can also experience hung-over drivers commuting to their places to work after a night out of heavy drinking.

Our lawyers understand that driving hung-over is just as serious as driving drunk and encourage readers to be cautious to not drive while under the influence of alcohol, both during a night out and in the morning after. It is important to make appropriate plans in advance of a night out drinking, such as a different mode of transportation. Commuters should consider options like car-pooling and various public transportation options instead of putting themselves and others at danger on the road. However, not everyone operates with such caution. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a car accident involving someone who negligently drove while under the influence of alcohol, seek the help of an attorney. Having an attorney to advocate for you in a DUI related accident is important because your attorney will have the legal knowledge and experience with past cases, as well as familiarity with the court system. Our Chicago accident attorneys can best advocate for you because they are experienced and successful in representing injured victims in serious motor vehicle accident cases and can navigate a complex system on your behalf. Call for a free consultation.

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