Downtown Chicago Crash Injures Illinois State Trooper and Another Victim

It is always unfortunate when one person’s recklessness and negligence negatively impacts others, causing them injury or suffering. Oftentimes this happens in the case of motor vehicle accidents, which we see time and time again in the news. This week was unfortunately no different when a downtown Chicago accident injured two people including an Illinois State trooper.

According to an article by the Chicago Tribune, a man tried to leave the scene of a traffic stop and crashed into another vehicle in the River North neighborhood. A state trooper suffered from a broken finger in the process and the driver of the other vehicle was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital due to injuries from the crash. The accident occurred in the 500 block of North Franklin Street. Charges are now pending against the man who crashed and tried to flee the accident. Had the man not attempted to flee from an accident, the officer would not have been injured in the process of trying to apprehend him, nor would the other driver have suffered serious injuries. Fleeing is both a disregard for the law and for the lives and well-being of those involved in the accident.

It is law in Illinois to stop after you have been in a motor vehicle accident. The law, in 625 ILCS 5/11-401 states that “The driver of any vehicle involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting in personal injury to or death of any person shall immediately stop such vehicle at the scene of such accident, or as close thereto as possible and shall then forthwith return to, and in every event shall remain at the scene of the accident until the requirements of Section 11-403 have been fulfilled.” Section 11-403 describes a driver’s duty to give information and render aid. The driver shall provide the other party with their name, address, registration number, and name of the owner of the vehicle. If other parties are injured, the driver is to provide reasonable assistance, such as calling an ambulance for medical care.

This law stems from the duty we all have under tort law. We have a legal duty to not be the cause of harm and injury to others, whether we are landowners, driving a vehicle, or selling a product. In any case (whether that be a motor vehicle accident, a premises liability situation, etc.) where we are the cause of injury to others, we owe the injured parties a legal duty of care. Not only is it our duty to prevent injury, but we are liable to these parties when injury occurs. Our firm has experience handling a all types of personal injury lawsuits and have successfully achieved verdicts and settlements on behalf of injured victims and their families. If you have been injured due to the recklessness or negligence of another, we would be happy to speak to you in a free consultation and may be able to help you with your potential case.

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