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Do you have a DePuy Hip Implant?

After the DePuy hip implant news, people with the recalled hip product are concerned about what they should do now. Whenever any dangerous product is recalled, people are concerned about how the product recall affects them. A whole new level of dangerousness and concern is added to the situation when the actual recalled product is implanted in the patient. You may not even be certain whether you have a recalled DePuy hip replacement; be sure to call your doctor to find out whether or not you have a DePuy hip implant.

Even if your hip implant has not failed you, you may want to consult a Chicago product liability lawyer. You need to be tested for metallosis, which is caused when metal shards separate from the device and are absorbed by the surrounding tissue. Over 93,000 of these hip implants have been recalled by the company.

DePuy product liability lawsuits have been filed against DePuy, alleging that the company was defectively designs and have resulted in high failure rates. The DePuy hip implant lawsuits also allege that the product was also not adequately tested or studied, resulting in increased risk of complications, pain, and revision surgeries. The cup of the DePuy hip implant is reportedly designed to be more shallow than the traditional hip implants, which has led to an increased risk of the device failing.

Our Illinois DePuy hip implant recall lawyers at Levin & Perconti do not want any consumers to suffer from medical care in any form. We represent Chicago hip implant recall victims and other victims who suffer from defective products. Please contact a DePuy hip implant lawyer if you have questions about your hip implant.

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