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Dirt Devil Vacuum Accessory Recalled For Laceration Hazard

We all have products that we use on a daily basis in our homes, such as cleaning supplies, appliances, and tools. These every day goods and products should be ones that we can purchase and use without fear that they will harm them, especially because they are so common and not inherently dangerous items. However, when a manufacturer fails to create a safe product and negligently places it in the marketplace, consumers can suffer injury as a result of this negligence from an unsuspecting product.

According to a recent report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there has been a recall of an accessory for the Dirt Devil hand vacuum. The official name of the product is the Dirt Devil Turbo Tool attachment, and it was sold as a vacuum accessory with the corded Dirt Devil Scorpion Turbo Quick Flip Hand Vac. To identify the product accessory, be aware that it is a clear yellow/green attachment with a black turbine fan and black brush roll with white bristles. The model number is “08225” and has a manufacturing date ending in 12A U, 13 A U, 13B U, or 14B U on the bottom of the hand vacuum. Consumers are advised that they can continue to use the vacuum safely but should cease use of the accessory attachment.

The report relays that the accessory has been recalled because it poses a laceration hazard. The interior fan of the accessory can break and eject from the tool’s housing. This poses a laceration hazard to the user or nearby bystanders. This accessory was sold at stores nationwide and online at Amazon and Walmart. They were sold between January 2012 and February 2015. There have been six reports of the accessory breaking in the manner described.

Under the law of products liability, sellers and manufacturers can be held liable for selling dangerous goods to consumers who suffer injury as a result of normal and intended use of the product. The products can cover a wide variety of everyday household products, such as medicine, food, toys, clothing, and tools. Under this area of personal injury law, manufacturers and sellers have a legal duty to inspect goods for dangers and defects, remove the dangerous goods from the market, and to warn consumers of known dangers. Where a consumer suffers injury from a product where a defect should have been known, discovered, remedied, and removed from the stream of commerce, that injured party can hold the wrongdoer liable through a product liability lawsuit.

Not only is it the law that manufacturers and stores owe their customers a legal duty of care to protect them from injury from dangerous products, but our attorneys believe that customers should be able to trust that the products they are buying will not put them in harm’s way or cause them injury. Profit should never take priority to the safety of people. That is why we believe that legal action can serve as a vehicle for change. Through lawsuits, a legal example can be set and prevent future potential wrongdoers from committing the same negligent and reckless acts.

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