Dangers Discovered on Illinois Playgrounds Pose Threats to Children’s Safety

It is without argument that Chicago summertime weather is beautiful. Our vibrant city is filled with outdoor recreation for all ages, from sports leagues to running by the lake to food festivals and concerts galore. Summer in the city is the favorite time of year for many, especially families with young children who can take their young ones outside for fun activities. The city and the park districts of the suburbs are proud to boast a multitude of parks to host children at play. However, even though there are many options for play available, all of these facilities need to be properly maintained and safe for the patrons that use them.

According to recent news by CBS, several dangers were discovered on a playground in the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn. Officials found several sharp screws embedded into the slides in Oak Lawn Memorial Park. Officials reported that there was ten one-and-a-half inch drywall screws hammered into the bottom of the playground slides with intent of harming children. To gather the danger of these screws, they could rip through flesh and left holes in the playground equipment. Thankfully, they were discovered and removed.

However, there are times when dangers are not inspected for and discovered soon enough. According to the same article, only three months ago, a two-year-old child was injured from razor blades that were taped to monkey bars at a park in East Moline.

These situations are unfortunate because parents take their children to parks for healthy exercise, warm weather enjoyment, and for a chance to bond as a family. Instead of providing these opportunities, many parks are instead posing dangers to young children.

Even though these situations may not be the fault of the cities and municipalities that operate them because they did not place the dangerous objects on the playground equipment, under premises liability law, it is the legal duty of landowners and operators to inspect premises for dangers and remedy such dangers. Through premises liability lawsuits, landowners and operators can be held liable for a person’s injuries where it can be proved that negligence was the cause of the injury. For instance, had the park district or city of East Moline inspected the playground they very well could have discovered the razor blades that injured the young child. On the other hand, the city of Oak Lawn promptly inspected, discovered, and remedied the dangers presented by the screws on the slide and prevented injury from occurring to patrons.

Premises liability law not only applies to child patrons, but to people of all ages who have suffered injury on the property of another person or commercial or public entity. If you have suffered personal injuries due to landowner negligence, it may be in your best interest to speak to a lawyer who can address your questions or concerns about filing a lawsuit to recover costs for medical bills, lost wages, disability, and suffering you have unnecessarily endured. Our attorneys have experience representing injured clients in premises liability lawsuits and have previously recovered fair and just verdicts and settlements in these matters. We would be happy to sit down and talk to you about your potential case in a free consultation. Call us today, and we may be able to help you seek the compensation that you deserve.

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