Customer Brings Suit Against Walgreens for Slip and Fall From Bad Lighting

Your local drugstore or pharmacy is more likely than not often busy. That is because these establishments are venues that provide vital needs of all sorts for the majority of people. Chances are that you have visited a drugstore establishment recently. Whether to have a prescription filled, purchase vitamins, or get a bottle of shampoo, drugstores fulfill needs by providing products and medicines that we all need at some point or another.

Because these stores are frequent stops for many people, they should be safe and free from dangers when we visit them. As you may know, the law of premises liability law tells us that when a store fails to keep its store safe for customers and an injury results, they can be held liable for personal injuries in a premises liability lawsuit. Landowners, especially commercial entities whose visitors make purchases on their property, are liable to their visitors and have a legal duty to keep them safe from harm. Under this duty, the owners and operators must consistently maintain the premises and routinely check for dangers, remedy all known dangers in a timely manner, and warn the customers of any known dangers. Where the business fails in any of these regards and a customer is injured, that business is responsible.

According to a recent article by the Cook County Record, a customer has filed a lawsuit against Walgreens, a company headquartered in Illinois, in Cook County Circuit Court after falling and sustaining injuries at one of their Chicago stores. The claim asserts that it was the improper lighting that led to the fall. The woman had visited a Walgreens on North Marine Drive in Chicago, and upon exiting the store onto the walkway outside she fell. She claims that because the area around this walkway was dark, she had difficulty seeing that there was a height difference in the slabs on the walkway. In her claim she argues that Walgreens failed to maintain the walkway and ensure there was proper lighting. The claimant seeks over $50,000 in damages.

In a premises liability lawsuit, the owner of property may be legally responsible if the plaintiff can prove that negligence led to the injury sustained on the property. In addition to slip and fall accidents, other common claims include dog bites (such as when walking by a neighbor’s house), exposure to toxic substances (such as if your apartment complex failed to prevent you from being exposed to mold or lead), and drowning accidents (such as where a public pool created a dangerous situation). In all of these instances property owners either knew about a danger or failed to properly monitor to prevent an accident from occurring.

Our attorneys have knowledge and experience regarding all of these premises liability lawsuits. If you have suffered an injury of any of these types that was the result of negligence of another, a lawsuit may be the right choice for you. Through a lawsuit you may be able to recover costs for medical bills, lost earnings, or emotional distress. Our firm offers free consultations, so give us a call today, and we may be able to help you with your potential case.

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