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Cook County personal injury lawsuit filed after injuries sustained in Transformers filming

We all remember the Transformers 3 filming that took over the Chicagoland this summer. In early September, when the film was shooting in northwest Indiana, a young movie extra suffered a severe head injury during a stunt when an object went through the windshield of her 2006 car on Cline Avenue in Hammond, Indiana, just northeast of Chicago. The car hit a concrete median barrier and continued for nearly a mile before stopping. The Chicago personal injury victim was an extra and not a member of the trained specialized stunt personnel.

Chicago Breaking News Center reported that the Chicago injury victim did not sound nervous at all when she spoke to her brother shortly before the filming. The victim’s Chicago personal injury lawyer stated that there was no indication of any risk associated with the scene in any of the paperwork that the victim signed. The Cook County work injury lawsuit filed claims that improper welding and failure to use appropriate materials contributed to the defendant’s negligence that resulted in the victim suffering permanent brain damage. The facts revealed that the victim was among 80 extras and was driving her own car during the stunt. At the same time, stunt vehicles were being towed by flatbead trucks in the opposite lanes traveling at about 50 miles per hour. The welding on a bracket attached to a flatbead truck failed during the stunt. Reports indicate that the same stunt was attempted a day earlier, but again failed. The Chicago injury victim was recently moved to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and is paralyzed on her left side, but can mouth and write some words. Paramount Pictures responded stating that it was “terribly sorry that this accident occurred” and also indicated that their thoughts and prayers are with the Cook County injury victim.

More information about the Cook County personal injury lawsuit is available at Chicago Breaking News Center.