Consumer Reports Reveals New Information About Child Car Seats

It is no doubt that motor vehicle accidents are extremely dangerous and can cause serious personal injuries or death. For that reason it is important that we take steps to best protect ourselves and passengers, and that cars are equipped with safety devices and that products can be purchased to increase the safety of our vehicles. This means protecting passengers of all ages and sizes, especially those who are very young and vulnerable.

A recent study by Consumer Reports has informed parents and guardians of some of the best features to look for when purchasing a child safety seat. The article by ABC 7 elaborates on the report stating that children are safest when seated in a rear-facing car seat until they reach the age of two. With a newborn, start out with an infant car seat which provide the best fit. Many children will outgrow these seats early though, so then you will need to upgrade to a larger size to continue to keep your child safest. Infant seats will display the height and weight limits on their labeling, so it is very important that parents and guardians pay attention to these labels to know if the child is still in the appropriate height and weight limits. If they are too tall and/or heavy, the seat no longer protects them as it should, and the child needs a larger seat to keep safe.

Consumer Reports also conducted a safety test using a simulated 35 mph crash test on popular infant seats. The study showed that when children sustain injuries in a crash that it is often an injury to their head. Usually this injury occurs when their head comes in contact with something within the vehicle interior, such as the front seatback that is in front of them. As babies grow taller, their heads get closer to the shell of the seat, so they are more vulnerable. Because they quickly grow, it is important to provide them with new car seats so that their head will not be exposed and they can remain safe in a collision. For these reasons, when choosing a car seat look for one that with a longer shell to protect the child’s head and that is rear-facing.

Even with safety seats, a motor vehicle accident can be dangerous for children. That is why a safety seat – particularly the proper sized one – should always be used; because children are so vulnerable and small, a safety seat can mean the difference between life and death. Furthermore, it is imperative that children use a car seat or booster seat until a safety belt fits them. This does not occur until a child reaches the height of 4′ 9″.

Our attorneys care about the safety and well-being of children and would not want the negligence of another person cause a motor vehicle accident that would shorten the life of a child. If you and your child was injured in a collision that someone’s negligent actions caused, you may be able to hold that individual responsible for your injuries, suffering, and medical bills through a lawsuit. We are happy to speak in a free consultation about your options, so call us today, and we may be able to help you.

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