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Consumer Reports Group Finds Luxury Vehicles Fail In Crash Tests

Paying more money for a luxury vehicle may not afford any more safety benefits, reports the Chicago Tribune. But it’s not just the opulent car brands that are to blame; crash safety may be a problem with all types of vehicles on the road. Consumers just may not get better protection for their money when it comes to top-brand vehicles.

A recent report by the Chicago Tribune details the findings of simulated crash tests performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, finding that luxury automobile brands such as BMW, Mercedes, and Lexus all earned “poor” ratings in a test that simulated what happens when the front corner of a sedan hits another vehicle or an object such as a tree or pole.

In fact, in this year’s crash test that examined front-corner impacts, only three of 11 luxury cars from the 2012 model year satisfactorily passed the test, raising concerns over the fact that most vehicles may not be able to provide protection from serious injuries in a common accident. But perhaps even more significant was the worry raised by officials in charge of directing the Consumer Reports’ auto testing program: if luxury vehicles are failing at a high rate, it is likely that most cars won’t do well in collisions involving the front-corner of the vehicle.

In fact, officials from the Consumer Reports group estimate that a major source of the more than 10,000 frontal-crash fatalities can be attributed to the type of accident studied by this particular test. Design changes based on the insurance group data would create safer vehicles and save lives, and the auto industry could provide more effective protection by designing the passenger safety cage to resist front-corner impacts, reports the Chicago Tribune.

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