Class Action Lawsuit Spurs Over Tesla Motors Battery Fires

It is frustrating for consumers when they have spent a lot of time researching and saving up for a product they would like to be a long-term investment. Imagine how much more frustrating this is when you are investing into a new and innovative product that calls for a lifestyle change? Now, compile that frustration with what you would feel when that same lifestyle-changing product is also very dangerous, and you were not even aware of its risks before spending your hard-earned savings on it?

This is exactly the frustrations many are experiencing over Tesla Motors, a company that manufactures and designs electric vehicles. Switching from traditional gasoline engines to an electric vehicle is a costly and lifestyle-changing investment. According to an article by EV World, lawsuits claim that defects in the car led to the battery pack catching fire. Many people, who are currently involved in class action lawsuits, were unaware that in case of an accident or emergency, the batteries in a Tesla Motor could catch fire and put the driver in grave danger. Three different incidents occurred just in October and November this year. All involved the Model S car catching on fire, with one in particular experiencing fire in the entire front half of the vehicle after a collision with debris on the highway. Investors of Tesla have also joined lawsuits asserting that Tesla made misleading statements about the Model S’s safety, specifically regarding puncture and fire risks in the car’s undercarriage and lithium ion battery pack.

Following these dangerous incidents of the Model S catching fire, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has started investigations to uncover the safety defects in the Tesla Motors Model S cars and has demanded details from Tesla regarding design alteration, engineering designs, after-effect damage in the battery pack, and any or all methods Tesla has to solve the fire issues with the battery. We hope that this push from the NHTSA will lead the company to produce safer vehicles to ensure that future drivers do not suffer serious personal injuries in accidents as a result of these design defects.

Our Chicago attorneys are knowledgeable about the Illinois and federal laws that protect consumers from dangerous products, and may be able to help you take legal action if you or a loved one is injured or killed as a result of a defective product. Product liability lawsuits not only help victims recover compensation for the harms caused to them, but they also send a message to manufacturers that sales of faulty and unsafe products will not be tolerated and that corporations will be held accountable.

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