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CJD Releases New Book: Tort Litigation and Juries: By The Numbers

The Center for Justice and Democracy announced the release of a new briefing book titled “Tort Litigation and Juries: By the Numbers.” Our personal injury lawyers thought it was important to share this book dedicated to revealing various statistics about tort litigation, helping the average person understand the real facts surrounding tort litigation.

The Center for Justice and Democracy is a national consumer organization located in New York that is dedicated to protecting our civil justice system. Its main goal is to fight back against special interest groups and corporations that are trying to make it more challenging for plaintiffs to reach the courtroom by hiding behind the label of “tort reform.” So-called tort reform is a movement that seeks to bombard the public with false statistics and outrageous claims to make it appear that our courtrooms are constantly flooded with tort cases. This movement is supported and funded by corporations whose main goal is to keep themselves out of the courtroom as defendants, even when they are negligent. This is the mindset that the Center for Justice and Democracy and similar groups are trying to combat. In fact, the new book helps to expose some of the lies that these tort reformers tell to the public everyday. For example, tort cases are actually a very small percentage of the civil caseload and this number is actually declining in state courts.

This new book on tort litigation is an excellent tool for the American consumer to use in understanding their legal rights and to educate themselves on the tort litigation process. Additionally, it helps to undermine many of the lies that tort reform groups use to keep injured plaintiffs out of our courtrooms where they rightfully belong. The nine-page book provides a quick list of statistics on tort reform, jury mentality and damages information.

Our medical malpractice law firm is dedicated to combating tort reformers. We have worked to protect the rights of people who have been devastated by negligence through no fault of their own since 1992. We believe that all victims have the right to seek fair and reasonable compensation when they are injured or lose a loved one due to negligence. Without the threat of lawsuits, corporations, hospitals and manufacturers have no incentive to provide safe products or quality care to consumers. Our team of attorneys continually fights to keep injured plaintiffs in the courtrooms where justice can be served.

We have secured hundreds of verdicts and settlements for wronged plaintiffs and their families. If you or a loved one has been injured, you should know that you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Tort reformers cannot keep all injured plaintiffs away from courtrooms where they rightfully belong and we will continue to fight for them in the courtroom.