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Chinese drywall product liability complaints reach 6300

Recent reports from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are showing that the number of estimated reports of Chinese drywall product liability have reached 6300. This number is composed from homeowners across the nation who have complained of having defective Chinese drywall. Florida has the highest number of Chinese drywall reports – 58% of them.

In related news, a recent ruling issued decided that the former employee of a construction company that built homes made with the defective Chinese drywall cannot claim money awarded to homeowners affected by the product, even though his own house is affected. The deciding judge ruled that even though the claimant lost his job with the construction company, he could not join the class action product liability lawsuit because it excluded the construction company employees. An attorney who represents homeowners in the class action lawsuit said that homeowners specifically remember the contested claimant telling them that the odors they noticed as they walked through their homes before closing were just a “new home smell.”

The Chicago personal injury attorneys at Levin & Perconti have been drafting blogs about the tainted Chinese drywall for quite some time now. Stories involved insurers dropping homeowners with Chinese drywall, CPSC pressing China for drywall damage compensation, and other issues related to the home repairs. Some experts have opined that the odors, personal injuries, and corrosions blamed on the Chinese drywall may actually be caused by the failure to remove sulfur and contaminants from synthetic gypsum.

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