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Childseat Safety Event in Du Page this Saturday

The Illinois State Police Department and the Illinois Tollway Department are hosting an event this Saturday to promote child safety while riding in cars. The goal of this event is to make sure that all children are riding in the proper child seat that is both the appropriate size for the child as well as passes the appropriate safety standards. The event is being held at the Du Page Children’s Museum in Naperville and the event allow all parents, grandparents or other childcare givers to stop in between ten in the morning and two in the afternoon and have the child’s car seats inspected. The program also offers free identification cards for children that are aimed to help in the event of an accident. These identification cards are designed for children that are too young to know important information (name and vital statistics) about themselves so if the person driving is unable to tell emergency personal the child’s information, the emergency personnel will be able to find out that necessary medical information. The free event also is geared towards keeping kids interested and will include fun activities for kids to do while the car seat inspections are being conducted and while the ID cards are being made. Anyone that attends this safety event will be given free admission to the museum for the day as well.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Illinois Tollway Executive Director stated that over eighty percent of children’s car safety seats are installed improperly. This is a very scary statistic and is something that many people are unlikely to realize is such a big problem. The program is aimed to help fix this number and make drivers of small children feel better about riding with their children in their vehicle. Not only will the inspectors check out the child seats but they will also give drivers advice and help to make sure that they understand how to properly install the seats in the future.

Research has shown that having safety seats properly installed can reduce the risk of death by as high as seventy one percent in small babies and as high as fifty four percent in toddlers and young children. Insuring that child’s seats are properly installed can make a huge difference and can be easy to do. If you are not able to go to the event and have the safety seat inspected, please take this opportunity to check the installation of the safety seat yourself by reading the instruction book or taking it in to a professional if you are unsure if it is installed correctly.

Our injury attorneys hope that all drivers that drive around small children make sure to not only use the necessary and appropriate size and designed seat given the child’s size and child’s age, but also to make sure that the seat is installed correctly and fits in the car the way it should fit. Taking these few simple and quick steps can keep a child safe in the event of a car accident and can make the driver feel more confident and safe when driving young children around in a car.