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Children’s Train Accident Lawsuit File After Entire Family Suffers Injury

WYFF 4 News reported late last month on new legal developments related to an amusement ride accident involving a train derailment in late March.

The accident stemmed from the derailing of a train that was part of a ride at a local event sponsored by the Spartansburg County Parks Commission. The family involved in this injury lawsuit represents only five of at least 28 people who were on the train when it malfunctioned and came off the tracks. Most of the riders at the time were young children. One 6-year old boy was killed during the accident and four children remain hospitalized with serious injuries.

This amusement park lawsuit names five individuals as plaintiffs including a mother, father, and three children-one of whom suffered a head injury and was only recently released from the hospital. The involved parties explained that they are pursuing the lawsuit to recover reimbursement for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

In addition, it is hoped that more information will be culled from the investigations that will shed light on what went wrong in this case. For unknown reasons the train in question was going quite fast before the derailment. The conductor of the train also made questionable blog posts previously about the safety of the train and its potential problems, but nothing was done to address the risk. Questions also remain about the last inspection of the train by state regulators.

Our Chicago injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti understand the many ways in which innocent victims suffer severe injury because of the negligence of others. Blog readers may remember the Illinois amusement park accident from only a few weeks ago that took the life of a local boy who fell out of the seating apparatus and onto the mechanical equipment of the children’s roller coaster ride below. It is vital that the mistakes that lead to these tragedies be fully investigated and the wrongdoers held accountable for their misconduct.

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