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Child product recall: 500,000 bassinets recalled

Nearly 500,000 bassinets have been recalled due to a risk of the bassinets collapsing. The recalled products are manufactured by the Burlington Basket Company of Burlington, Iowa. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the child product recall last Wednesday. According to the U.S. CPSC, there have been 10 reports of incidents where the bassinets collapsed because the basket’s folding legs were not locked in place. Those incidents where the products collapsed resulted in two infants suffering personal injuries that included a bruise to the head and a bruised shoulder. The product recall involves all of the Burlington Basket bassinets that were manufactured before June 2010 and covers models with folding legs attached to the basket with white plastic pins. These recalled products were sold between January 2003 and August 2010 by and Walmart in addition to other retailers. They were pried around $50.00. The CPSC warned consumers who own the bassinets to stop using them immediately.

If you own the bassinet, do not return it. The company is providing a free kit with detailed instructions on how to properly assemble and firmly lock the bassinet’s folding legs into place.
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In instances where a child is injured by a product, the Chicago injury attorneys want to point out that generally the child cannot file a product liability lawsuit without the help of a parent, adult, or guardian. This is important to note because children are at high risk for injuries including those caused by birth injuries, cars and other motor vehicle accidents, fireworks, playground equipment, ingestion of household products, household fires, traumatic brain injuries, or product liability. For example, as we recently blogged about, nearly 30 children are injured daily by unsafe cribs.