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Chicago woman dies after being struck by bus in Steeterville neighborhood

A Chicago woman was struck by a private tour bus in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood near the lake and received serious personal injuries. She was hit by the motor vehicle during the evening rush hour around 6:50 p.m. at the intersection of Illinois Street and Columbus Drive. She was rushed to nearby Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition and later died due to her injuries. There have been a number of Chicago motor vehicle accidents in the Streeterville neighborhood in the past couple of years. The neighborhood is quite busy with a lot of pedestrians. In June of last year, two Chicago pedestrians received serious personal injuries when they were struck by a pickup truck in Streeterville. That pedestrian accident occurred only two blocks away from this one at St. Clair Street and Illinois Street. The Chicago pedestrians were attempting to cross the street and were midway through the crosswalk when a gray Silverado turned left onto Illinois Street. Those Chicago car accident victims were too transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where they were in serious to critical condition. Then, just in January of this year, a woman pedestrian was hit by a Chicago Transit Authority bus just three blocks north of this accident in the Streeterville neighborhood.

Our Chicago personal injury attorneys represent clients who have suffered personal injuries in cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boating, buses, trains, or trucking accidents in the state of Illinois. Such accidents include those involving drunk or hit and run drivers, as well as accidents like the one above occurring from bus collisions. Injuries suffered as a result of these type of car accidents can be severe, life-altering, or deadly like the case above. Our Chicago injury attorneys will keep the Streeterville victim and her family in our thoughts.

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