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Chicago personal injury plaintiff seeks damages from injury on “Public Enemies” street film set

A Cook County injured plaintiff has filed a Cook County premises liability lawsuit against NBC Universal, Inc., PE Productions LLC and Universal City Studios LLLP, and other unknown defendants. According to the Illinois injury lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court, the Chicago injured pedestrian tripped and fell on fake trolley tracks.

As background, movie crews for the 2009 movie Public Enemies transformed Chicago city streets to look like the 1930s. Movie crews installed rubber cobblestones and trolley tracks around the history Biograph Theater in Chicago, where Dillinger was gunned down in July 1934. The Chicago injury plaintiff was crossing Lincoln Avenue at the Fullerton and Halsted intersection in May 2008, when he walked over the fake rubber cobblestones and received injuries. The Chicago injury lawsuit claims that the plaintiff’s feet sank into the rubber and his left foot got caught underneath metal trolley tracks. The Illinois man fell and received severe and serious personal injuries, according to the Cook County lawsuit.

The Cook County premises lawsuit does not detail the extent of the Chicago man’s injuries. However, it states that no signs, barriers, or other warnings existed to alert the plaintiff to the fake stone and tracks. The Chicago personal injury lawsuit seeks damages in excess of $50,000 for the plaintiff’s permanent physical injuries.

Premises liability law is the law that makes the individual in possession of land or premises responsible for certain injuries suffered by persons who are present on the premises. As for public roads and sidewalks, premises owners are typically charged with clearing public sidewalks in front of their premises. Further, they are responsible for maintaining their premises so as not to pose a danger to members of the public who are passing by on a public street or sidewalk.

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