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Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Shares Concerned About Budget Proposal

News is similar around this time each year as federal representatives debate budget proposals to guide the government in the upcoming year. The consequences of those debates-and the ultimate passed budget-have far-reaching ramifications for Illinois injury victims. Consequently, it is crucial for a worthwhile Chicago personal injury attorney to pay close attention to that budgetary process. Needed advocacy can then be provided in support of resolutions and alterations to the budget which respect the rights of injury victims throughout the state.

Injury victims have unfortunately been left in the cold in a recent proposal that is now working its way through the legislative process. The Consumer Voices reports that this week the U.S. House of Representatives passed the FY 2012 Budget Resolution. Unfortunately, the proposed budget takes a hatchet to all safeguards that have been carefully put into place to ensure there are less negligence victims, at nursing homes, hospitals, and elsewhere.

Illinois personal injury victims would suffer needlessly by passage of this proposal.

For example, the bill seeks to drastically cut the already minimal safety net created for those individuals who struggle every day to pay for the rising cost of their health care. On top of that, this legislative proposal would limit the total number of care workers, like nurses, who ensure that common medical errors and negligent acts are avoided. The development of bed sores, dehydration, and malnutrition, and many other preventable complications will likely strike more often, because there will be less trained personnel working to eliminate them. Even before these possible budget cuts there existed a crisis situation involving medical errors.

In sum, this proposal ignores the needs of negligence victims, including those at nursing homes and medical patients. By placing these vulnerable community members at the bottom of the priority list, it represents a large step backward. Years of bipartisan compromise and careful progress on these issues would be swept away with its passage.

Our Chicago personal injury attorneys at Levin & Perconti work with a variety of Illinois victims and are well appraised of the tackle negligence problems. An epidemic remains when thousands of mistakes occur each year that take the lives of so many family members and other loved ones. It is unacceptable for this problem to not only be ignored but worsened by a backward-thinking federal budget proposal.

Please contact your United States Senators to ensure that they understand the devastation that will result from passage of this measure. Lives may hang in the balance.

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